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Orange Aura: Meaning of Seeing This Chakra Energy

Welcome, fellow chakra energy color-seers! This article continues my series about chakra colors and seeing colors during meditation or bodywork such as Reiki or acupuncture. Today we will be discussing an orange aura meaning and importance of seeing the color ORANGE chakra behind closed eyes.

The Orange Chakra

The color orange is associated with the second or “Sacral Chakra” or “Svadhisthana” which is located right below your bellybutton in the lower belly. When standing or sitting upright, it is just above the first or “Root Chakra,” (the red chakra) which is at the very base of the spine, and just below the third or Solar Plexus Chakra (associated with a yellow aura) which is found between the navel and where your ribs meet.

For those unfamiliar with the idea of chakras, they are the classic energy centers in the body which are located from the bottom of the spine (First Chakra) to the top of the head (Seventh Chakra), each of which has a meaning and color associated with it. If you want to get more complicated, you can go beyond the seven chakras into the realm of the Earth Star Chakra — Chakra Zero — below the feet, but let’s focus for now on the extremely important second chakra.

Seeing orange aura chakra
This is my drawing of what it looks like when I see orange.

Sacral Chakra Meaning

The most important thing to remember about the second or orange chakra meaning is that it is associated with creativity and sensuality. When it is blocked, art and pleasure in life are stifled, which in many cases can lead to diminished joy. (As background for the word aura, check out my article on aura pronunciation.)

Here’s a story from a recent client at my Boston Reiki practice to illustrate how this connects to seeing orange. If you have been either seeing orange or blocked from seeing orange during your meditation or bodywork, this tale could demonstrate a solution and path forward.

Orange Aura Meaning

Earlier this year, I had a new client come into my Reiki practice who for the sake of privacy, I will call Leo. This man explained that he’d been experiencing bouts of deep depression, and didn’t know why.

I placed my hands at his head, as I always start my sessions there… and saw no colors. Normally I see one color strongly the first moment I make physical contact — such as the time I saw a black aura, blue aura, or white aura — so I could tell energy was somehow blocked with this man. I proceeded the Reiki hand patterns down his body and still didn’t see a single hue.

What Blocks the Second Chakra?

When my hands got to the sides of Leo’s hips, he exclaimed, “I just started crying a little — I’m not sure for what reason.” This was the first clue of what was happening with him, because that area just below the navel (including the hips) is the location of the second chakra.

I continued with the hand patterns down Leo’s legs, and suddenly got an image of a word: “Art.” The teacher for my Reiki Master training had coached us to share any words we visualize while with clients, and so — though I felt a bit nervous about how it would resonate — I said aloud to Leo that I was suddenly seeing the word “Art.” I asked if it had any meaning to him and he chucked ruefully. “Yes,” he said, then fell silent.

I began the section of the hand pattern that travels back up the body, and came to the moment when I place my hands on the client’s palms. Wow! The second I made contact there, a JOLT of energy poured through me — causing dizziness so strong I nearly fell over. There was power and creativity in those hands!

On intuition, I asked Leo: “Are you an artist?”

The meaning of the orange chakra
The meaning of the orange chakra, illustrated by me!

The Orange Chakra and Creativity

“Funny you should say that,” Leo replied. “I studied art for many years, and consider myself an artist, but I have not produced anything creative in months because I took a deadening day job that doesn’t have an ounce of creativity in it.”

It was as if the wall holding back the colors melted away, and the energy poured forth from the blockage. As I moved my hands to Leo’s torso, a flood of orange light hit me. There was the answer. “Leo,” I exclaimed, as we wrapped up the session, “My prescription to you is to go home and immediately and start to do art again!”

Pleasure, Joy, and Sensuality

Leo replied with a shake of his head, “The thing is, when I tried to do art again — so long ago — nothing I did seemed right. It’s like I can see the beauty everywhere except myself and my own work.”

Ah ha! This brings us back to the other aspect of the orange chakra: Sensuality, pleasure, and joy. Creativity and physical pleasure are inextricably linked. “Leo,” I directed, “This week, try to do something that will boost your self-love and pleasure. Maybe a nice walk in nature, or maybe something sensual like a bath or cuddling. Reconnect to the joy of your own beauty and physical body.”

The client walked out with much food for thought — and action steps!

VIDEO: Seeing Orange

Orange Aura Meaning, in Sum

I’ve so loved reading comments from those of you who write in to share your own experiences with seeing colors during meditation and bodywork like acupuncture, massage, and Reiki, so I’m on the edge of my seat to learn what others’ experience has been around seeing an orange chakra aura — or other aura colors like a green aura or purple aura!

Personally, though I usually only see an orange aura when working with clients (my usual solo meditation colors are purple and green-yellow), orange chakra energy is one of my favorites of all. Why? Because creativity and pleasure are the best, and I wish for all beings to experience abundance of each!

Chakra Colors Beyond Orange

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