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Seeing White Aura and Chakra Energy in Meditation or Reiki Healing

Some of the most popular articles on this site are my drawings of the colors of energy I see during healing work like Reiki, meditation, or acupuncture. Judging from the comments pouring in on “Seeing Purple and Yellow During Meditation,” people who experience this phenomenon are hungry to understand why it happens — but also what it means.

To continue this investigation of seeing chakra colors (following my recent article about seeing red), here are my illustrations and thoughts about the experience of seeing white light during healing energy work. As for my qualifications to write and illustrate this, I’m a trained Reiki Master who has been practicing for several years, and who truly sees these colors, as evidenced by my attempts at recreating them through my digital drawing tools.

White chakra light
This is usually what it looks like when I see white energy: Sparkly!

Seeing White Light in Energy Work

While the usual colors I see during my solo meditation and energy healing are purple and yellow, those colors are tinged with a white glow. That said, I REALLY see white light when I’m doing Reiki or other touch healing work with a person who has what I would call strong white aura energy. What does that look like and what does it mean?

White is the Crown Chakra

The color white is correlated with the 7th Chakra — the Crown Chakra — which is located on the top of the head. (That Sahasrara Chakra is also indicated by purple or violet light.) This 7th Chakra is the energy center on the human body which connects with the wider mystical world, universal energy, and divine “Source.” It is about spiritual surrender versus earthly attachment.

When I see white during work with Reiki clients, I usually experience it as a sparkling vision that moves like stardust, as I tried to show in the illustration above. In contrast to the medium-sized blotches and designs I see with purple and yellow, the white I see is very delicate and intricate, like lace or netting, and I can see the darker colors behind it.

Seeing white aura chakra energy
Seeing white aura chakra energy

What Does Seeing White Light Mean?

In our popular culture, seeing white light is closely connected to the idea of healing, especially with some divine or spiritual intervention, and an acute experience of the liminal space between life and existence. Indeed I believe that in general, seeing white light indicates a positive shift and cleansing.

For example, a recent Reiki client just shared that when my hands were on her, she saw a vividly bright white light. This must have been something in her energy field shifting, because she told me that that night, she slept better than she has in years. Surely it would stand to reason that the color of the “highest,” spiritually-connected chakra would bring positive results.

VIDEO: Seeing White Light

Concerns with a White Aura

I don’t want to say that seeing white or having white energy is always positive, though, because everything has a shadow side. In the case of people I know with very clear white auras, their issue is that their “heads are in the clouds” a bit much, and they might benefit from grounding practices. In other words, they might have perfectionistic streaks, or be so focused on the broader world that it’s challenging for them to connect with people on an earthly, centered level. They might come across as wispy or nebulous in spirit.

Think of white light as the opposite on the spectrum (chakra-wise) to red energy, or the black energy of the Earth Star Chakra. Red is the First or Root Chakra, which is about being powerfully grounded in the earth, literally and figuratively: safety, base needs being met, and freedom from fear. Tactilely, red would feel solid and firm, while white energy is airy and floating.

Seeing White with Eyes OPEN

Now, this article is about the pleasant experience of seeing white sparkles with eyes CLOSED during energy work or meditation. However, if you are curious about the phenomenon of seeing white with the eyes OPEN (which frankly can be much less enjoyable, and only questionably spiritual), do read my article, “Seeing Sparkles in Vision.”

What are YOUR Thoughts on Seeing White?

Have YOU experienced seeing white light, chakra energy, or auras, either as an energy worker, or someone experiencing healing or bodywork? What do you make of it? Do share!

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Friday 24th of September 2021

I’ve been seeing swirling white light in meditation. Also purple and sometimes gold. It first started waking up at 3 am I’d see swirling white light. I’m new to meditation and now I’m seeing it regularly in meditation and sometimes if I close my eyes it’s there. I’ve notice Listening to sacred acoustics helps bring in on. I’ve only just come across your website, I would love to here your thoughts. Thanks in advance your website is amazing cheers steve

Lillie Marshall

Friday 24th of September 2021

Hi Steve -- thanks for sharing your experience with seeing white light, as well as other colors! That's a fascinating detail about music and acoustics intensifying the phenomenon. I'll keep you posted with what emerges from my research, so do subscribe to the monthly newsletter to stay connected.

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