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Meditation Colors: Learn the Meaning, and How to Use Them

While meditating or doing bodywork like acupuncture or Reiki, you might suddenly start to see certain aura colors moving across your vision, even though your eyes are closed. These shades may move or form shapes… and you could start to wonder: “What do these meditation colors mean?

Read on to get insight. First, however, let’s establish my credentials for writing this article.

Meditation colors
Meditation colors: What do they mean?

My Experience with Meditation Colors

First, a bit about my qualifications to write this article. I am a trained energy work practitioner of Reiki in Boston who has experienced seeing meditation colors, myself, ever since I was young. When I’m in a certain relaxed state, I see purple and greenish-gold moving across the vision of my closed eyes — but I’ve started to see other colors now, too.

As I began my Reiki training several years ago and began using touch to help people, I realized that I see different colors depending on who I’m touching — which implies that these colors have different meanings and associations. As I talked with clients during our sessions, I began to see connections between their color auras and their individual characteristics and life situations.

I thought I was the only who one seeing colors during meditation happened to, until I published the article, “Seeing Colors During Meditation” in 2020 — and had hundreds of people write in that they’d experienced the same thing! (Take a moment to skim that comments section when you have a chance; it’s truly remarkable.)

This outpouring of community led to me to start researching the phenomenon of meditation colors more deeply, both by reading about chakra colors, and by noticing what happened during each individual Reiki session I held. The guide that follows is the results of years of this research, and I will continue to add to it as my experience grows.

Meditation Colors

During mindfulness, meditation colors may float across your vision while your eyes are closed. Pay attention to them, because they connect with the seven chakras, each of which has a meaning.

What to Remember with Mediation Colors

A pattern I’ve noticed of people writing in after reading my articles about seeing meditation colors is that they’re worried — especially when they see a black aura. Here’s the good news: In every Reiki training I’ve ever done, and every article I’ve read, it turns out that seeing colors is NEVER a bad thing.

Yes, you should pay attention to them in the sense that they can indicate healing and energy shifts, or can give suggestions for future paths to wellness. However, NO, they do NOT indicate anything negative. Meditation colors (or colours, if you’re British) are not something to be scared of; rather, if you cultivate your mindfulness practice (here are some tips on daily meditation), you can learn to expand and benefit greatly from these colors.

What are YOUR Experiences with Meditation Colors?

Now I’m so curious to hear from you! What have been your experiences with seeing meditation colors? What patterns have you noticed? What conditions are best for seeing and expanding this phenomenon? What healing or insights have you felt as a result? Do share!

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Mandy Skayman

Thursday 24th of August 2023

I’ve loved reading your articles about colour. When practising yoga, I regularly see purple (sometimes blue and red). However, I have recently trained in reiki Seichem and now see every chakra colour. Where I see dull colours, I find that my crystal diviner indicates negativity. Once I have performed reiki, I see these colours begin to sharpen and flow. What has amazed me though, is the people I work on also see colour, where they have never seen colour before. I also seem to know when the session is ready to finish as I see a swirl of purple and red, with ‘sunset’ colours in between. This seems to have a ‘lightening/relaxing’ impact on the person and feels to me as if the root and crown chakras are suddenly connecting through. Positive flow. I seem to instinctively know when and where to place a crystal and some have felt this as a vibration, heat or intense cold.

I am finding this beautiful practice so fascinating (I only trained this year) and would love to hear your thoughts on these colours.



Lillie Marshall

Monday 28th of August 2023

Mandy, Many thanks for taking the time to share your experiences. You explain them beautifully, and I relate very much!