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Cute Food Drawings: Easy Ideas

As I set out to create this round-up of all the easy, cute food drawings, lessons, and tutorials from all the cute drawing ideas I’ve created over the years, a funny question emerged: Where do you draw the line of what’s food and what’s not??? I’ve been an artist and teacher for nearly two decades, so looking through the options, it became a challenge to decide what to include.

What is a “Food Drawing?”

It was far easier to do my round-up of cute animal drawings, because an animal is just an animal. Food, however, has a sort of wide definition, depending on your point of view. Sure — drawings of fruits, veggies, and candy should go on this list… but not all mushrooms are edible, so should they be included here?

Cute food drawings
Cute food drawings

Further, people eat octopus (mmm, calamari!) so should I include my octopus drawing tutorial in this food art round-up, even though the illustrations depict live, swimming cephalopods? I decided against it — though I did include decorated eggs, even though those are usually used for decor and not eaten.

Easy Food to Draw

As a reminder before we get into my round-up of easy food to draw: these ideas are just here to help jump-start your own creativity, and you can feel free to make any alterations on the style if you sketch some yourself. Ready to see my big list of kawaii cute food drawings, replete with drawing prompts and lessons on how to sketch them? Here you go!

Cute Food Drawings

Looking for cute food drawings, either as decorations, or to learn how to make the art? See a big list here, and click through for lessons.

Yummy and Adorable?

I hope this food drawing round-up made you say, “Aww, that’s so adorable!” and gave some ideas for your next art project. Which was your favorite from the list?

For me, I’m smitten with the mushroom drawing, though they all make me smile. At first I felt kind of odd about my compulsion for putting googly cartoon eyes on everything, but once I saw how fabulous they looked on broccoli and peaches, I couldn’t stop!

Cute Food Drawings, in Sum

Which cute food drawings should I illustrate and teach next? Which kawaii, easy food to draw do you think should or shouldn’t be included in this edible and adorable list of deliciousness? Do share!

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