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Green Aura: Meaning of Seeing this Chakra Color

What does it imply if someone has a green aura around them, as seen through meditation, Reiki, acupuncture, aura photography, or other methods? Where in the body is the green chakra located, and what is the green aura meaning?

Read on to learn answers to these fascinating questions — but first, let me share my qualifications to write this piece about aura colors.

Seeing green chakra
What does it mean to see a green aura?

Why Trust this Article?

My name is Lillie, and I’m a Reiki healing touch practitioner who is also an avid student of meditation and learning about the body’s chakras — the energy centers. I’m also an English teacher and artist, as evidenced by my illustrations here!

Unlike other articles on this topic you might find online, I am not a big corporation or content-farm writer; I am a real person who is typing from extensive and ongoing personal experience and research. I’m not trying to sell anything here — I just truly enjoy exploring this topic. My article about the phenomenon of seeing colors during meditation has resonated with thousands of people around the world who can also see chakra colors, and this article on seeing green auras continues the investigation.

Green Aura Meaning

You likely found this article because you’ve experienced seeing clouds of green light swirling behind closed eyes while meditating or doing bodywork like Reiki. It might have even looked like the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis!

But what is a green aura meaning? To understand what it means if someone has a green aura, or you see green behind closed eyes, it is first essential to understand the associations with and location of the green chakra. (See more background about definitions of aura meaning here.)

What is the Green Chakra?

The color green is associated with the Fourth or Heart Chakra, also known as the anahata. It is located — you guessed it! — in the area of the body around the heart: the chest. Fittingly, the green chakra meaning is associated with love, compassion, and helping others.

The Meaning of Seeing Green

Putting this together, a person with a green aura is a person with a tremendous capacity for, and likely engagement with, compassionate love. This may be a person who is always helping others, or providing an emotional refuge and healing through giving of themselves.

Note that seeing a green aura — connected with compassionate love and the Fourth Chakra — means something very different from seeing an orange aura — which is connected with sensual lust, and the Second Chakra. With green, think of a mother or father’s love. With orange, think of a passionate lover.

Green Aura
Seeing the green aura swirling.

A Story About a Green Aura

Here’s a recent story from my Reiki practice to illustrate the importance and meaning of seeing a green aura in a person. First, some background. The usual meditation colors I see on my own behind closed eyes are purple and gold. Yes, the gold has a slight greenish tint to it (“chartreuse,” perhaps), but it’s more a yellow aura than green. I pretty much never see green — except for one powerful recent experience.

There was a friend — let’s call her Rita — who I’d had an estrangement with, and hadn’t spoken to in months. In my opinion, she’d cancelled one too many plans on me at the last minute, and I cared about her too much to continue that disappointment, so I’d distanced myself from our relationship, and explained why. She was frustrated but understood.

Then one day recently, Rita reached out to me out of the blue. She said she’d learned that I’d opened a Reiki practice in Boston, and wanted to book me for a session. I agreed, but felt worried. Would my frustration with what had happened to our friendship color our session? Little did I know, the exact opposite would happen (emphasis on the word COLOR)!

Rita paid for and registered for the session online, then arrived right on time. We exchanged brief pleasantries, then she lay down on my Reiki table and I began my healing touch treatment hand placements. What color would her aura be? I fully expected to see the color orange because of Rita’s passionate nature.

Much to my surprise, for the first time in my life, I clearly, vividly saw the color GREEN. Rita had a striking green aura! What a surprise! As I continued the Reiki hand movements, I watched the emerald swirling light behind my closed eyes and got to thinking: why was her green (compassionate love) chakra so strong?

Suddenly I saw it clearly. The reason Rita had cancelled so many plans on me was because of her children: she wanted to be there for them in every possible way, in a manner that her mother never was there for her. She was brimming over with compassionate love and an exceedingly giving spirit for her family.

Everything in her life was centered around her children, and any adult friend of hers would need to understand and work with that. Her cancellations during our friendship were not due to malice, but rather due to an abundance of motherly LOVE; I just hadn’t seen that before.

As I continued my Reiki hand placements, I explained what I saw to Rita, and we began talking — and reconnecting. The green color I was seeing changed to purple: a hue I now know to be associated with healing and profound interpersonal connections. Energetically, emotionally, and verbally, we began to rebuild our friendship.

Seeing Rita’s green aura that day literally changed both of our lives. We now are extremely close friends again, and I have a far richer understanding and appreciation of how to love her, and how she loves. Though aura colors might seem “Woo-woo” (meaning “out there”) and silly, I have a profound new respect now for the power of aura colors in helping to build a more connected and informed life.

The Green Chakra May Make You Cry

To learn more about seeing a green aura, do check out my recent article on crying during meditation or Reiki, because I’ve found that tears happen with energy healing work on the fourth, heart chakra more than any other part of the body. It stands to reason — the heart does hold oceans of emotion!

Isn’t Love Pink, Not Green?

Just as we saw with the black aura meaning, sometimes our societal assumptions lead us to associate colors with certain characteristics that don’t always fit the Chakra System. For example, compassionate love is usually connected in America with the color pink — not green.

However, as I explain in my pink aura meaning article, my experience with Reiki clients suggests that pink is less associated with the Fourth Chakra, and more with the First or Root Chakra, which has a red aura. I’m curious how your experiences compare!

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Green Aura Meaning and Chakras, in Sum

So what has been your experience with seeing the color green during meditation, or seeing a green aura in yourself or others? Does this analysis about the green chakra meaning mesh with your own interpretation, or do you have another? Do share!

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