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Yellow Aura Meaning, and its Chakra Connections

What is a yellow aura meaning? What is the significance of being connected to the yellow chakra, and what and where is it? Read on to learn all about this powerful energy field, from a trained Reiki practitioner.

Insights on Yellow by an Aura Colors Specialist

Why trust this article about seeing a yellow aura? My name is Lillie, and I’m a certified Reiki practitioner whose speciality is being able to see aura colors, and help interpret them for positive growth in clients. While many articles about auras and chakras are written by people with no actual experience in the field, I am writing this article from my direct personal experience, and will even share a story about a real moment with the yellow chakra and aura that happened just a few days ago.

Yellow aura meaning
What’s the yellow aura meaning?

Which Chakra is Yellow?

To understand the meaning of a yellow aura, we need to first review the the meaning of the yellow chakra (energy center in the human body). The chakra associated with the color yellow is the third chakra, or Solar Plexus chakra, located in the middle of the torso: above the navel, but below where the ribs meet.

The Sanskrit name for the yellow chakra is “Manipura,” which means “Lustrous Gem.” This makes sense, because this energy center is associated with the sun. In fact, the image of the sun helps us understand what the yellow chakra is all about.

The Manipura is correlated with CONFIDENCE and moving forward in full self-expression. This Solar Plexus chakra is about self-acceptance and freedom from shame. Visualize the sun shining brightly to symbolize this confident boldness!

Yellow Aura Meaning

Now that we know the yellow chakra meaning and associations, understanding what it means to see or have a yellow aura becomes more clear. Usually, people with yellow auras are exuding confidence and true self-expression with a pleasant warmth like the sun.

However, yellow — especially a lighter yellow aura — can also indicate a transition in the person’s life which is requiring or calling upon a necessary growth in confidence and self-expression, even if it’s not fully developed yet. Let’s examine a recent real example to further illuminate this.

Yellow chakra meaning
The meaning of the yellow chakra, illustrated.

The Importance of Seeing Yellow

This true story from my Reiki (pronounced RAY-Key) healing touch and chakra balancing practice will help illuminate a yellow aura and chakra in practice. A man came in recently for a session — a man who exuded sunny, warm energy like the sun.

At first as this client lay on the table and I began my Reiki hand placements, I didn’t see any colors at all. Usually that indicates a blockage in the person’s energy flow — but it’s easy enough to fix with a few minutes of energy work.

Sure enough, after about ten minutes, I began to see a faint but clear yellow aura, meaning something was going on with this man’s confidence or self-expression. I didn’t say anything at this point — I just continued the Reiki hand placements, observing the yellow light as it flowed behind my closed eyes. (I was glad he’d read my “What to Wear for Reiki” article, and was wearing soft enough clothes to facilitate the treatment.)

The man had been silent this whole time, but suddenly he spoke. “I SEE YELLOW!” he exclaimed. “I’ve never seen colors like this before with my eyes closed! What does it mean?”

Sometimes I doubt myself as a Reiki practitioner, but then an astounding moment like this happens, and a client tells me they’re seeing the exact color that I’d been seeing myself, and they’d never experienced anything like that before. It’s in those moments that I realize that there’s a true science and reality to energy work!

“I am seeing a yellow aura with you, too! The color yellow is associated with the Solar Plexus chakra,” I explained, placing my hand in the middle of the client’s abdomen, above his navel. “This third chakra is correlated with confidence, self-expression, and boldly moving forward. Is there something in going on in your life with regards to those energies right now?”

“Well,” he sighed, “I’m not feeling very confident right now, actually. I just got laid off from my job.”

I took in what he was saying, and continued with the Reiki hand placements, starting a series in which I had one hand on the Solar Plexus chakra, and the other on other energy centers, in order: the chakras for the red aura, orange aura, green aura, blue aura, purple aura, and white aura. The idea of this dual chakra hand placement is to facilitate energy flow to help with integrating and healing.

As I got to the man’s head, he exclaimed, “I’m seeing purple and yellow together now!” Indeed, I, too, was seeing the exact same meditation colors behind my closed eyes. My hand placements to connect the chakras and facilitate energy flow had worked!

As I watched the violet and yellow aura colors flow downward in his body, I shared, “This is a good thing you’re seeing purple with the yellow. After much research, I’ve concluded that seeing purple behind closed eyes during energy work correlates with healing and positive energy flow and integration, since purple connects with universal energy. In your case, this color combination indicates that your body is working to boost your confidence and power to move forward, in the wake of losing your job. There is important healing and energizing going on right now!”

When we concluded the hour-long Reiki session, the man’s yellow aura — and confidence — were stronger. Let’s hope this energy work helps boost his power to move forward and find a wonderful new job that supports his true self-expression!

A Yellow Aura, in Sum

Hopefully the yellow aura meaning is now clearer: it’s correlated with the yellow chakra, which is about confidence, full self-expression, and moving forward — like the bold sun! A fainter, lighter yellow aura may have a slightly different meaning, however, which is that the body is in the process of building confidence, or that moving forward powerfully, with true self-expression, is necessary in a situation.

Now, what has been YOUR experience with what a yellow aura means? Do share!

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