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Pink Aura Meaning and Chakra Connections

Today in our exploration of aura colors and what each signifies, we’re going to discuss an often-misunderstood one: the pink aura meaning. Pause for a moment and predict: What do you THINK a pink aura is associated with? Now prepare to rethink it all!

Before we dive in, let’s explore my qualifications for writing this article. My name is Lillie, and I’ve been a certified Reiki practitioner since 2018. Over the years I’ve worked with hundreds of clients from all walks of life in my Boston Reiki studio.

My specialty in energy work is being able to read each person’s unique aura or chakra colors in order to engage in deep discussions about helpful paths forward in life that they reveal. My thoughts in this article are the product of extensive first-hand, in-person experience, as well as numerous trainings. I’m also an artist, so the illustrations here are done by hand!

Pink aura meaning
Pink aura meaning, explained.

What is the Pink Chakra?

As explained in my meditation colors article, each aura color can be seen as connected to a specific chakra, or energy center in the body. So which is the pink chakra? This is where things get complicated.

In the classic 7-Chakra system, the colors run in rainbow order (see my illustration above), from the First or Red Chakra at the base of the spine, up through Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple or Violet, to Purple or White at the 7th or Crown Chakra at the top of the head.

Pink Doesn’t Necessarily Associate With Love…

Hmm… there’s no pink here in this 7-Chakra rainbow configuration. So what’s going on? Well, by one theory, pink is an alternate color for the 4th or Heart Chakra to a green aura, meaning that a pink aura would indicate connection to the energetic center of compassionate love for others.

Though it’s tempting to buy into the idea that a pink aura would be connected with love and the heart (as with Valentine’s Day), this theory does not correlate with my experience as an energy worker with real clients.

Rather, like the misunderstandings around the black aura meaning, this strikes me as an attempt to incorrectly place cultural associations where they don’t actually fit. Ok, so if a pink aura isn’t about the Fourth Chakra, what does seeing one suggest?

Connections between the Red (First) Chakra and a pink aura.
Connections between the Red (First) Chakra and a pink aura.

Pink Aura Meaning

From my Reiki experience, I’m inclined to believe that a pink aura is connected to the First or Root Chakra (red color!) at the base of the spine, which is connected with feelings of safety and steady grounding. By this theory, seeing a pink color around a person indicates that this “firm foundation and feelings of safety” area of life is in the process of emerging or developing for them.

Why? As we explained in “What colors make pink?” red plus white (in other words, lighter red) is what creates the color most easily. Therefore, seeing a pink aura indicates a “light” presence of red or root energy — and lighter colors often indicate that something is developing or in the process of emerging.

Given this, when I see a pink aura with Reiki clients, I usually explain its meaning to them (“There is some emerging activity in your chakra that’s associated with feelings of safety”), then say, “I invite you to reflect: What is your current situation around feeling safe and grounded?”

I continue by asking, “What are things that make you feel safer in life, like you have a strong, solid foundation? How might you keep building upon those?” (See a similar story about how questions like this helped in my orange aura meaning article.)

Usually the client replies are fascinating and beautiful, as they reflect on how to cultivate that emerging feeling of “grounding.” Discussing aura colors brights wonderful depth to energy work sessions, and, like the yellow aura meaning, pink is no exception.

Seeing Different Shades of Pink

Let’s add a bit more complexity now. I’ve been talking about seeing classic pink color (what red and white make) — but what about seeing an aura the color of the darker, more purple shade of pink called magenta (what red and purple make)?

Well, you’re in luck, because I have a whole other article on the magenta aura meaning! The summary, however, is that I’ve found with clients that seeing a magenta aura indicates a positive start to energy flow from the base of the spine (red) to the crown (purple aura), and is often the first step in them starting to feel better and more integrated. Magenta seems to have a different aura meaning than classic pink.

Pink Aura Meaning, in Sum

I hope this discussion of the pink aura meaning has been helpful. Now I’m curious to hear about you: In your experience, do you agree that this color is associated with emerging First or Root Chakra (red) energy? Might it also be connected with the white aura meaning, since it’s possibly red plus white? Do share!

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