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Witch Hat Drawing: Easy and Cute, Plus Which vs. Witch

Ready for one of the most central Halloween drawing ideas that exists? Let’s learn how to make an easy witch hat drawing! I’ll throw in an actual cute cartoon witch wearing it, too.

As background, my name is Lillie, and I’m an artist and teacher who delights in creating tutorials such as how to sketch an easy pumpkin drawing through simple-to-follow steps. As always, I want to urge you to modify this lesson to create the kind of art that makes YOU happy — even it it means changing around some of the instructions. Ready? Let’s go!

Black and white witch drawing
Start with a black and white witch cartoon using line art.

Witch Hat Drawing Instructions

You can draw a witch hat on its own, but I find it much cuter to plop on top of someone or something that’s wearing it. It would be particularly adorable on top of a cute octopus! However, in this tutorial, I’ll follow tradition and place the hat on the head of a nice green witch. Grab your pen or pencil, and let’s start with Step One.

1. Begin with the pointy triangle of the middle of the hat.

As you can see from my black and white line drawing above, the pointy central peak of the hat should be big and prominent. You can choose to “fold over” the top corner, as I have here, or give it a little curl like a cute snail.

Cute witch drawing
Cute witch drawing fun!

2. Add the brim and buckle.

After the central peak is in place, sketch a wide oval for the brim of the hat. You can make it somewhat uneven to show how the wind is blowing it.

This is optional, but it’s fun to add a buckle in the middle of the brim — similar to the buckle on our St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun drawing, and to the jolly black belt buckle of our Santa drawing. Don’t get intimidated about sketching buckles — they can be simply represented by a square within a square, with a small narrow rectangle in the middle, as shown above.

3. Draw the person or thing wearing the hat.

As mentioned, you can put anything in the hat: a cat, a cute spider drawing, a friendly ghost drawing — or nothing! It’s up to you.

Witch hat drawing
The completed witch hat drawing!

4. Add color, shading, and a background to the witch hat drawing.

Witch’s hats are usually black or dark in color, but as with our cute bat drawing, I’ve chosen a rich midnight purple to add excitement.

As for the witch, I made her green, as I’m a fan of Broadway musicals, and in Wicked, Elphaba is green. For the shading, create the illusion of 3D depth by adding a darker shade of the each color along the edges of each part of the hat and its wearer.

In the background make a dark, cloud-filled sky, then some sparkly light yellow to signify the magic spells. (Speaking of the double meaning of spelling, check out “How to Spell Halloween!”) If you see my time-lapse drawing video below, you’ll notice that I tried several different line types for the magical powers before settling on this one!

VIDEO: How to Draw a Witch

See the time-lapse video of this Halloween art.

Witch or Which?

Now, as a teacher, I can’t resist another of my English lessons here: Do you use “witch” or “which,” in writing, and what is the difference between the two spellings? Well, it has a similarity to our “weather vs. whether” tutorial, in that the one with the “H” is more common and functional.

“Witch” is the Halloween woman with a pointy hat, broomstick, and magic spells. “Which” is asking whether you’re talking about one thing or another. For example, “Which witch is sitting over there? Is it the good one or the evil one?”

Witch Hat Drawing, in Sum

I hope this tutorial on how to make a witch hat drawing — and a cute witch — has been useful and entertaining. What other cute drawing ideas would you like me to teach? Do share!

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